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About - PoweRun Club

Almost every sport has a pre-high school program in our area except running. Cross country running in high school and college has become extremely popular and has provided boys and girls several opportunities. The emphasis of our program is on participation and developing a healthy lifestyle as well as a competitive running program for those that may want to run in high school, college and beyond.

There will be fast runners, slow runners and in-between runners and as long as everyone is striving to do their best they will be successful. The coaches will encourage and nudge all runners each practice and help them set goals that are realistic and attainable.

In general, cross country running is an individual sport, but our runners will be part of a team and all ages will run together. Running together as a team helps runners push themselves to run a pace they may not usually run.

Running Programs - 8 weeks

We will meet 2 times per week for a 75 minute workout. A typical workout includes an 800-1000 meter warm up, 10-15 minutes of stretching and drills, a main distance run of 1-5 miles as we build up each week, and a cool down. In addition, certain practices will feature speed work and other special drills as well as the secrets of running fast. Cross country running is an endurance sport and missed training will affect performance, so it is important to attend as many workouts as possible.

There are 4 programs per year - 8 weeks each with a 2 week break before the next session starts. See the calendar for details.

Each 10 week session ends with a special celebration focused on youth recognition.

5K Run Event - The 8 week running program will conclude with a local 5k running event that we all attend as a Club.